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So, every time I've made something Team Gackt, it has gone over with you guys like wildfire...after much debate about whether or not I'd have time to devote to my own group, I decided to finally just do it! Welcome to Team Gackt! :wave:

Team Gackt came about because my friend and I were absolutely sick of hearing about the 'sparkly vampire' team and the 'werewolf' team, and all the other teams fans were coming up with. I told her, "I belong to the best: Team Gackt." "Why don't you make a wallpaper?" she said. And so it began...
:evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh:

I hope to have awesome art contributions, keep you up to date on Gackt news, and once we get up and running full steam, maybe even do contests and other fun stuff!

If you're interested, please click the "Join Our Group" button at the top. I try to read my dA mail daily; however, that's why I have my awesome co-founder to help me out! Please bear in mind we have full time jobs, real life, etc. but we'll try to get back to you as quickly as we can. Also, if you know fellow fans we haven't met yet, please let them know we're out here! :D

Once again, I'm grateful to everyone who had such enthusiasm for the idea and my wonderful friends and co-founder and contributors, you gals are the best! :hug:

~Midi-chan :kitty:



OK, now the nitty-gritty stuff. :( :blahblah:

:bulletblack:*-First, I would like to stress, Gackt does have the link to this page, I've given it to him. I don't know if he has come here and looked at stuff yet, nor do I know if he has been here more than once. But when submitting work, just keep this in mind and ask yourself if you would be proud of him to see what you are sending in or not. If not, then it probably isn't going to be appropriate for the gallery.

:bulletblue:*-PLEASE submit art to the proper folder! It makes it easier for fellow fans to find exactly what they're looking for. The "featured" folder should be for very special work that you want to showcase, not everything you have ever made. However, I'm not going to come down on you for putting something in a weird spot. :D Basically, how you yourself would classify your submission for dA is where you should submit it to the gallery. As new submissions come into the "Featured" folder, I copy them to their respective other folders, and delete a few oldest submissions from that one to rotate them out. So your art will stay in the group galleries, it just won't stay as a featured one forever. :) Members, there is a 4 submission per day limit, just to keep us from going crazy. ;)

:bulletgreen:*-NO pairings of any kind will be accepted. Nothing blatant and nothing hinting at a pairing. None. Please. :no: :disbelief: I especially say this to mean ABSOLUTELY NO YAOI, but to be fair, no pairings, period. There are other groups that accept this kind of work, which is fine, and I also respect your freedom to create it, but it simply is not a part of this group.

:bulletpurple:*-We will accept work of Gackt, the various characters he's portrayed, GacktJOB, Malice Mizer, etc., as long as we can see they're directly related to Gackt and respectful to any and all of the above. It must be 'art'. If you simply scan a magazine photo, or submit someone else's scanned magazine photo, or submit translated lyrics, no. If you do something artistic and creative with photo and/or lyrics, yes! Nothing freakily weird, overtly violent or explicit, please please please. As I stated in the point above, I respect your right to choose to portray Gackt however you want, all I ask is you respect mine not to want certain things portrayed in submissions within this group. Thanks.

:bulletorange:*-If we reject your submission, please do not keep trying to resubmit it. If by chance we rejected it because we messed up, we will contact you personally and ask you to submit it again. If not, that means it did not fit the guidelines for whatever reason. Pretty much, if it makes us uncomfortable, or we have to think twice about accepting it, it usually is going to be denied.

:bulletred:**-That said, please treat everyone on here with the utmost kindness and common courtesy. That goes for Gackt himself, as well.** If you want to rip apart anything he does or says, this is NOT the place for that. He's not perfect (though pretty close :giggle:) and neither is anyone else. I don't want to kick out or ban anyone.

Thank you again, everyone, for your love, understanding and support! :hug:







Lots of news to report...

First, the new single, "Akatsukizukuyo-- Day Breakers" was released earlier this week. GACKT has been kind enough for the past two weeks and the next two weeks to release some pretty special stuff digitally worldwide. "Akatsukizukuyo" was released to iTunes and Google Play this week, last week was the "Moon Saga I & II" soundtracks, next week is " 2013 Camui♂Gakuen de Semenasai" and the following week is the audio of "GACKT x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra". These happen every Wednesday, so be ready to download some great new tunes!

GACKT is also the "mascot" (more like spokesperson, a mascot makes me picture him dressed in a funny costume, lol) for Hokuto Premium Shimofuri Hiratake (mushrooms).
Here's a link to the CM/making of:…

There is a FB/LINE campaign called "Wish Upon a Moon" where you tell GACKT your wish, and you get a free wallpaper for doing so.  :)… This is only for the month of October, so be sure and tell him what you wish for!

"Time Spiral", G's awesome new TV series, is here subbed:… I have TV Japan here in the US, so I also get to watch it completely in Japanese on Monday nights. As the two of us group founders are still floundering with the language barrier, having it also subbed has been great. We both highly recommend this series. It's intriguing, full of twists and turns, and we have loved keeping up with it each week! Is Tatsumi-sensei (G's character) evil? Misunderstood? A hero? Is he even really human? We don't know yet!!!

Finally, this was on my Twitter feed this morning, and I found the article funny and the photos informative, as I had thought aloud about this once before in this group blog. :D…
So that's how that works... :giggle: :omg: :squee:

This is the time of year when G news and merchandise comes fast and furious, so I will try to keep everyone up to date regularly!

~Midori :kitty:
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DogFreak108 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Hi does anyone know where I could order the Requiem et Remeniscence II Final DVD??? Please help! I can only find the non-subbed version... I can live with that too but it would be nice to have the overseas version.
midori711c Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure what you mean...? I bought mine from Japan and it has English subtitles, although not during G's MC portion.
DogFreak108 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student General Artist
I want to order it online (I live in Australia) but the only place I can find where it has subtitles is on Amazon Japan and I'm not sure if I can order from overseas. It seems like there are two versions of RRII, one that's Japan-only (which most online stores have) and one overseas version with subtitles on most of it except for the MC. I want that one but it seems to be difficult to find...
midori711c Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I order from Japan often, and I'm in the US. Have also ordered from UK, I think the Amazons will ship pretty much anywhere things like books and DVDs. I've had trouble now and again ordering other types of merchandise, though, like handbags, from Japan. 

I'm not aware of two versions of RRII, as I mentioned, I bought the Japanese version of it and mine was subtitled, including the bonus behind the scenes disc. I just got the BEST OF THE BEST concert program today from a friend in Japan, it had a complete list (with photos) of singles, CDs and DVDs and it only showed one version of RRII. Though I'm far from being a G expert, so I could be wrong...

Also, I have a region free DVD player so I am not sure if that one was region free or not. Some of G's DVDs, I've noticed, are, and others are not. If that matters to you as well. :)
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AndhiTim Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
Thnksss x acep!
ChosenOneFaith Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am so in love with the CLAYMORE PV *_*
midori711c Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw it yesterday for the first time! It's awesome! :D
ChosenOneFaith Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And Sakura Chiru is also great. *_* *already preordered the DVD and Photobook* *_*
agako7t Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the invitation! Well, I was shocked that he has the link to it just like probably a few other people. The more glad I am that I can be a part of this awesome group :D
midori711c Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're very welcome! Happy to have you and your beautiful artwork! :clap:
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